Artist Statement - McIntosh Gallery (August 2015).

With the amalgamation of organic and synthetic materials, each object contains two types of negative space: the negative space of ergonomic motion in clay’s ability to document any imposed force and movement enacted upon it, and the negative space of utopic ideals imbedded in the foam packaging of various communication devices (such as smartphones and computers). I am interested in the intersection of these two thematics.

Through various material investigations and the experimental language of the modernist avant-garde, these works are an attempt to work through some of the questions surrounding perception posed in modernity and their implications now. The project began by painting light from observation as a re-evaluation of vision in modernity. Consequently, the current body of work has evolved into a more intuitive approach to creating sculptural and pictorial objects. It is in these abject objects that I would like to draw a relationship between the continued inquiry and documentation of the interior architecture of the body of the observer, and the utopic promises offered by the haptic functionality of contemporary communication devices.